"Homeport" was founded in 1983 when I decided to develop my own kennel rather than continue to breed under co-ownership with my parents whose permanently registered "harbour beem" kennel of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland had been my focus up until that point in my life. As a result, having moved to New Brunswick by that time from my native Newfoundland, I moved my own dogs from Harbour Grace to just outside Fredericton, where Homeport has since remained.

Consequently, I have been actively involved in the breeding and showing of Newfoundland dogs from a very early age, as my parents had 35 Newfoundlands when I was growing up and have themselves been internationally recognized all breed judges for over 40 years.

Homeport Newfoundlands are very active in the show ring, in which they have been honoured to achieve many prestigous show wins including numerous group wins and placements, Bests In Show, Best In Specialty, and Best Puppy in Show wins. In fact, in rather limited showing, Homeport Newfoundlands have placed in the top 5 of the breed in Canada in many years as well as won classes and Winners at Newfoundland Dog National Specialties in both Canada and the US; they have also won and placed in the Working Group at all breed shows in both the US and Canada.

In addition…and more importantly to these guys (if you were to ask THEM)...they are also very active hiking and backpacking, swimming, pulling sleighs and carts, snuggling and watching television!

Homeport Newfoundlands are the result of many years of dedicated and planned breeding. It has been attempted, through showing, attending breeding and nutrition seminars, keeping up with the most recent developments in problems affecting the breed and research done to correct them, as well as objective assessment of puppies - to produce the best specimens of the breed. This always has been, and remains, the goal. Of course, it is unrealistic to assume that all puppies will achieve top show status. However, by stating the phrase "best specimen of the breed" I am only referring in part to the dog's potential in the show ring; in the Newfoundland, other traits indigenous to the breed are far more significant and date back hundreds of years.

Having said all this, I have to say that one of THE most rewarding things about breeding these guys, is that of the incredible people I have had the pleasure of getting to know. I have been so very fortunate in the homes to which my puppies have gone, that I wish I could move into them myself!! It is such a joy to know that here are indeed others in this world, who appreciate these special guys, as I do. It's a never ending source of pleasure!

The Newfoundland Dog is my heritage; he IS what he symbolizes and embodies that which Newfoundland itself is all about. He is warmth and compassion, exhibiting such understanding and intelligence that we constantly lose sight of his "canine-ness". He is strength tempered with a sense of right and wrong, so that it is rarely used out of place. He can be stubborn when a principle is at stake and yet possesses a great sense of fun. Above all, he is dignity, loyalty and has an infinite capacity for love. His greatest joy is that of being with and serving his family. When a Newfoundland exhibits these traits, he is truly a fine representative of his breed…..

One of the primary goals of reputable breeders, is that of always trying to make ourselves available to anyone who wishes to know more about the breed, to assist with answering questions, in placing a Newfoundland that has fallen upon hard times and generally acting as a resource to anyone who wishes more information about the breed either in general or who has specific questions about their own Newfoundland. I welcome your interest and your questions.


Warm regards,

Devon J. Nutbeem
Homeport Kennels (Perm. Reg'd)